10 Mind Blowing Phoenix Tattoos For Women

Phoenix Tattoos For Women

Tattooing is a lifestyle for someone. And it is a hobby for someone. While it being a lifestyle or hobby for someone else, someone dreaming for tattooing. Because it is not an ordinary lifestyle for some societies yet. Speciality, these social rules and ethics effect for women other than men. Besides, you have to be you and make anything and everything you have to do in your life.

So, we brought you a top 10 list of phoenix tattoos for women. Importance thing is, phoenix tattoos may affect quite different than most of the other ordinary designs of tattoos for women. Because there is a colourful attractiveness in most of the phoenix tattoo designs. We have a list of multi-colour and black tattoos with different styles. 

Most of the tattoo artists may ink different designs of phoenix tattoos. So, you can have a phoenix tattoo from any of tattoo artist. But, you must care about the experience of the artist about phoenix tattoos. Because the tattoo will be in your body for a long time. So, it must be great. Let’s continue to the top 10 list of phoenix tattoos for women. Then you can pick the best one for you.

  1. Blued phoenix tattoo

This tattoo art is most suitable for tattooing on hand or leg. There are many artworks out of, the ordinary image of the phoenix bird. Someone can debate that, this is not the real and meaningful concept of the phoenix. Because this, “blued phoenix tattoo used a variation of blue colour with small spaces of red and yellow. Tail feathers of phoenix are looks like the end part of peacock feathers. And tail fathers coloured by peacock-blue. Under tail feathers of the phoenix had covered by eyed feathers of a peacock. So, this can be mention as a mix of peacock with a phoenix.

  1. Burning phoenix tattoo

This is also a phoenix tattoo which represents the mythological meaning of the phoenix bird. Because feathers of phoenix coloured with orange and yellow for representing fire. Wing belly part of the bird is also covered by fire. There is a blued background for represent the sky and cold.

  1. Burning purple phoenix tattoo

This tattoo art contains a quite terrible look for the phoenix bird. So, this tattoo art may not suit for a cute woman, but women live like men and who loves to thug lady life. However, this is a great art of tattoo. There is a purple phoenix with burning feathers. It may represent the mythological meaning of the phoenix on re-birth. There is a blued background for represent the sky.

  1. Phoenix comes to life

The reason to name that tattoo as “phoenix comes to life” is, it represents red-hot heathers in the lower part of and cold blue feathers and face in the upper part. It successfully represents the conceptual meaning of re-birth of phoenix with that grates colour mix. And this art looks like a feminine phoenix. So, it just suits for any women who looking for a great phoenix tattoo. This tattoo art is best for the upper centre of the backside of the body.

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